How To Make Free Bitcoins – [LEGIT] [*Proof Working*]

How to make free bitcoins guide : Hey guys few days ago i found this way how to make free bitcoins after a lot of searches and…

Litecoin Bitcoin Miner – Get over 1500kH/s mining Litecoin


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This is a dedicated Crypto-Currency mining rig designed to run constantly and reliably for years.

This rig is not for gaming or word processing or internet browsing so if that is what you are looking for this will not meet your needs. If you would rather have a hybrid gaming/mining pc message me and I can put together something more suitable for both applications. This rig is built to order with all brand-new components.

Essentially you are buying a turnkey money minting business.

I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the rig or mining, now and after your purchase and setup. I will give buyers my personal email and offer free tech support. I highly recommend reading up on Crypto-Currencies, mining, and current exchange rates online. I believe in Crypto-Currency and it’s staying power.

This is the future and YOU are getting in on the ground floor.

I have been building gaming computers for myself, friends, and family since the IBM 486 (well over 10 years). Rest assured I have the knowledge and skills to build the most efficient and powerful GPU mining rigs around.

I am already using the best equipment available for this specific application. You will be glad I did when you are still using this product years from now and it has paid for itself many times over. At the current difficulty and exchange rate, this unit could pay for itself in just over 2 months mining Litecoins! The difficulty and exchange rate are subject to change so this is not a guarantee, just a simple estimation. See table below for more information.

I designed these rigs using only the best hardware available. What many people don’t realize is that Crypto-Currency mining is very hardware intensive. Many lower end retail PC products were not designed to be run 24/7 for months and years at a time. Power usage when Bitcoin mining is very high.

This rig will get over 1500 kH/s on LTC


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